Samsung / Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gear Fit Commercial.

I was the Aerial DP, and the MoVI Operator on this commercial for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 + Gear Fit.

For the Aerial sequence with the Base Jumper I used one of my Red Epics with an Angenieux 25-250 lens on the Continental Side Mount. Alfie Speight was my Pilot.

I also operated the MoVI M10 for the running sequence through the forest. The MoVI was such an amazing tool for this job. The Director loved the shots.

I used one of my Red Epic's with my new Cooke Mini S4i lens set. This combination is perfect for the MoVI M10. Small, lightweight camera package that shoots beautiful cinematic images.

It was some very fast running over rough and slippery terrain, but the MoVI handled it perfectly and I was able to concentrate on the framing and the footwork. The results were wonderful, and I am really amazed by what I can achieve with this new kit.