Lotus / Perfect Drive

It is a passion project, and the Lotus Elan plus 2 is my own car.

I make my living filming car commercials for paying clients. What I like most about this project, is that it is a car commercial, for a car that is not for sale.

For me, it is always about moving the camera. I think this is why I am drawn to car commercials. I am lucky enough to have access to some wonderful creative tools. I love discovering new ways of creating dynamic and engaging shots.

The Perfect Drive was made by a tiny on set crew. Just myself, my grip Josh Dunn, and a driver.
On the tracking days, there were three of us, with Heath Patterson fulfilling the precision driving role.
For the rig shot days, it was just Josh and myself. It was really satisfying setting the rigs with Josh, and then hitting record on the camera and driving the car myself.
We had access to a helicopter piloted by Brendan from Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters for one hour. Josh drove the car, and I operated the Shotover P1.
For the drone shots, Josh piloted the drone, I operated the camera and Ben Chapman handled the driving.
Expert Sound Recordist Makoto Takaoka came out for a drive with me one afternoon, and recorded the true sounds of the car.

For the post production, I was lucky enough to work with Editor Piers Faircloth-Harding.
My colourist Pete Richie did amazing job on the grade, and Jonny Pipe did a brilliant job mixing the audio.

We used the resources that we had available to us. It was really liberating to work within these constraints, and still make something that we are all proud of.