Ben Ruffell is a Director of Photography. He lives in Queenstown, New Zealand and travels throughout the world filming TV Commercials and Music Videos.

He is known as a car and aerial specialist.

He is a full member of the New Zealand Cinematographers Society. NZCS.

Ben is a second generation Cinematographer. His father Harry Ruffell was well respected in the industry and Ben was raised around cameras and film sets.

He holds a Bachelor of Broadcasting degree, BBC, from the New Zealand Broadcasting School, NZBS, .

Ben trained as a Clapper Loader and First Assistant Camera under many famous International DOP's. Working on such films as "The Lord of the Rings" "King Kong" and "The Worlds Fastest Indian".
He also assisted on hundreds of Commercials.

While working as an assistant, Ben began making snowboarding films on Super 8, 16mm and 35mm film.
His first film, the critically acclaimed "3 Degrees" was filmed on a total of 13 different cameras that were all borrowed, and all of the film stock consisted of 'short end's, that were donated to him by the TV Commercials that he was assisting on.
Ben continued to travel the world filming snowboarding, and over this time Producers and Directors began to take note. Ben was offered the opportunity to Operate B Camera and shoot as 2nd Unit DP on many commercials.
This Second Unit work continued, and Ben successfully transitioned into a full time Director of Photography, being requested to DOP by many of the Producers and Directors that he had assisted for.

He has filmed extensively in Asia, Australia and New Zealand on a broad range of International Productions.
He is well known for his Car Commercials. With such clients as Red Bull, BMW, Lexus, Kia, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Nissan, Suzuki and many more.
Recent works for Asahi, Kirin and GMO have demonstrated his range, and experience with lighting. With the ability to generate compelling images from large studio shoots all the way through to more intimate, naturalistic lighting.

Ben has always been very interested in camera movement, and he is the founder of New Zealand's most experienced Drone and Gimbal company.
This was born from Ben's experience filming from full sized helicopters. He established the drone business along similar, professional standards. As such, Ben is a very experienced and award winning Aerial Cinematographer.

Ben's work has been recognised by his peers, achieving multiple awards at the New Zealand Cinematographers Society.

He holds a New Zealand Passport, and is a very frequent flyer. He is always ready for the next exciting assignment.

DP Resume TVC Ben Ruffell July 2018

2nd Unit DP Resume Ben Ruffell July 2018